Frequently Asked Questions

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We no longer consider ourselves a hatchery, but rather breeders and hobbyists. Our flocks are small and things we can offer to the world are limited! But we do have availability of hatching eggs, chicks, and grown birds…as the birds and hatch rates allow! It is important to sign up for our emails and follow us on social media for the most up to date information on availability. Anything we do have sells fast! 

Yes. We are no longer shipping day old chicks, however. They must be picked up at our farm in the Dayton, Ohio area. 

Yes. As laying and fertility allows, we do have hatching eggs for sale from time to time. 

Yes. We grow and sell pullets (young females) in our pre-scheduled Silkie Sales. This is the most fair way for us to sell our girls…to schedule a date and time for the sale to be live. If you want a Silkie female (or two, or three!) we highly suggest you mark the sale date and time on your calendar as we usually sell out within an hour. 

Since we now only offer local pick up for day old chicks, there is no order minimum, however we always suggest having a buddy or two. We sell hatching eggs by the 1/2 dozen and dozen. We suggest ordering double or more the amount of eggs for the number of chicks you plan to have, especially if you are having your eggs shipped. Shipped eggs will have hatch rates reduced by 50% or more as a general rule. 

Our Business

Yes, our business used to be called Northwoods Poultry. We bought Northwoods Poultry from its original owner in 2020, moving the entire operation from northern Wisconsin to our farm in southwest Ohio. In spring of 2022, we made the decision to focus on only offering Silkies and Salmon Faverolles, and thus changed our business name. 

Yes. Our NPIP number is 31-1484 


Yes. We can ship hatching eggs and any pullets or older chicks sold past 6-8 weeks of age. We do not ship day-old chicks. We do not ship to Montana, Hawaii, or Alaska.  

Yes. All chicks here are vaccinated for Marek’s disease, whether they are staying here on the farm or moving to a new coop. 

For our shipped pullets, yes. For our hatching eggs, we offer no guarantees and the buyer assumes all risk. Once hatching eggs leave our hands, we are at the mercy of the postal service and their handling practices. Even in the best of scenarios, you can expect a 50% hatch rate for shipped eggs.