Well hey there! It's been awhile since we've been able to offer our birds, chicks, and eggs to the world and we are excited to finally be able to do that. We do expect that numbers will be quite limited again this year as we aim to not overcommit and oversell, while still focusing on quality and retaining enough excellent stock for future years!

Here's how you can order from us now:


We are offering day old chicks for LOCAL PICK UP ONLY in the Dayton, Ohio area. Our shop page will be updated immediately following each hatch with chicks that are available. Don't be discouraged if you see "sold out"....there is likely a hatch in the works and more chicks available within a week or two! Chicks must be picked up within 7 days of purchase. A time and date will be scheduled in advance for pick up. PLEASE do not just show up at our farm! Silkie chicks are $25 each and Salmon Faverolles chicks are $15 each. All chicks are sold straight run (unsexed) and will be vaccinated for Marek's disease. 


Hatching eggs will be available on a limited basis and can be shipped anywhere in the continental US! Availability will be updated on a weekly basis as well, and really just depends on how well our girls are laying! We always ship eggs that are three days old or less. You can find even more information about hatching eggs on our shop page.


Pullets are young female chickens. We know so many folks have limitations on keeping roosters, and we do try to meet the customer demand for pullets! The reality is, Silkies are very difficult to sex reliably for quite some time, which means our pullets are sold at anywhere from 4-8 months of age. This also means the price point for a pullet is fairly significant, especially as we focus on quality over quantity. If you have one of our Silkies, you know just how special they are, and worth the investment for the joy they bring! We do have the ability to ship pullets across the country, with the exception of a couple of states (due to past difficulty with shipping after several attempts). 

Because the demand is so high for Silkie pullets, we have developed a system of selling our girls that we call our "Silkie Sales". Several times a year, we host a pre-scheduled sale when all of our available pullets go live for purchase. They typically sell out very quickly, but we find this is the most fair way to give everyone an equal chance at purchasing a pullet. We do not have a list, reservation system, or pre-sale of any kind. 

We are exploring the possibility of offering DNA sexed pullets, which would be able to safely ship at more like 8 weeks of age.

Our next Silkie Sale is tentatively scheduled for late summer 2022.

Salmon Faverolles are a bit different, as it usually only takes a few weeks to tell the boys from the girls! Any Salmon Faverolles chicks that we do not sell locally we will grow to a sex-able age and offer here on our website as pullets. We will also ensure they are at an age that they can ship comfortably and easily across the US!

We hope this post was informative and helpful as we shift into a new and exciting way of doing business! If you have any additional questions, shoot us an email at hello@celebrationsilkies.com