What a journey we have been on for the past two years to get to this point! In fall of 2020, our family made a huge life shift, purchasing a small chick hatchery to take on as a family business! This hatchery was called Northwoods Poultry and was located in northern Wisconsin. We set out to move the entire hatchery here to our farm in southwest Ohio, and through many trials, made the very tough decision to downsize our flocks in spring of 2022. In turn, we found so much freedom and joy in focusing on a few select breeds that really set our hearts on fire.

We no longer consider ourselves a hatchery, but proudly work with the two breeds we do offer: Silkies and Salmon Faverolles. Our focus is quality over quantity. We desire to make high quality Silkies accessible for backyard hobbyists and those that want to begin dabbling in the show world.

We are Cody & Lauren, and our three little farmhand helpers/silkie cuddlers! We spend our time caring for our birds, gardening, working on house projects, and well, working in general! Our desire is glorify God with whatever we do, whether that be changing diapers, caring for our flocks, or interacting with our customers. When we first bought this business in 2020, the mission "Celebrating the Creator by Delighting in Creation" came to me (Lauren) and has just kind of stuck. Many times I wonder "why chickens?"...other than that I love them. But truly, why do I do anything I do? To see God's hand in the beauty He has created and point everyone I can back to Him.

We have begun to dabble in the show chicken world a bit, in an effort to have our breeding stock evaluated and continue to improve our flocks where ever we can. Our birds are certainly far from perfect (what is a perfect bird anyways?) and we do not claim to breed show quality stock. But our goal is to continue working towards the Standard of Perfection for the breeds we offer, and especially give back to the 4-H show community for all the wonderful years of learning they gave to me. My own personal goal is also that Martha Stewart would add some of our birds to her flock, so Martha, if you are reading this, have your people contact my people and let's make it happen!

  • npip, national poultry improvement plan
  • american silkie bantam club
  • faverolles of usa club